Testimonials About Our Voorhees NJ Dentist

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our Voorhees NJ dentist. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

I have heard it said that a smile is worth a thousand words. That was something that was lacking in my life so I decided to stop acting like an ostrich who hides his head in the sand and do something about it. I called Dr. Charmen Douglas and she gave me a smile that now I can be proud of. She increased my self confidence in my smile, that now I am no longer like the ostrich. I can hold my head up high and walk proudly.

- Clarence

My smile gave me the confidence to do new things.

- Kathe

My new smile boosted my confidence.

- Chris

I lost my husband of 25 years after a long 4 year battle with Cancer. His illness and death left me depressed, exhausted, and lost. I also had some health issues of my own to deal with and I needed something positive in my life to help me move forward.

I had always wanted to fix my teeth, because I was unhappy with my smile. Until that time I had always s put it off for one reason or another. My husband's illness and death made me realize that time doesn't stand still, and you can't go back.

I made the call to Dr. Douglas's office. From the very first time I stepped in the office, I knew I had made the right decision. The staff is very warm and friendly, all the while being professional. Dentist, Dr. Douglas herself is a quality person. Her confidence and knowledge helped me overcome any apprehensions and fears that I had.

My intention was to do only my upper teeth, but once I saw how beautiful they were, I couldn't wait to finish the bottoms too.

My new smile has given me the confidence to move forward in my life. My only regret is that I didn't do it years earlier! I have confidence to speak in public, and talk with clients. My husband and I had a business that we ran together, he handled the clients and I maintained the office. I have now stepped up to keep that business running; In addition I have started a new gift business which I love, one more thing I had put off for years.

Improving my smile was the best thing I have ever done for ME.

- Kathe

We at Vivio Sites have loved working with your clinic to set up your new website. Your entire staff was friendly and supportive, and your committment to providing your patients with the best information and resources is evident.

- Sanjay Shah, Vivio Sites Inc.
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