Pure Power Mouthguard

The PPM, also known as the Pure Power Mouthguard, has been developed by Dr. Bernard Jankelson and is based on the concepts of neuromuscular dentistry. This is a science that incoproratesthe muscles, nerves and supporting structures of the mouth in order to improve jaw and muscle alignment. Neuromuscular dentisty focuses on the physical connection between the range of motion of these muscles and joints as well as your body posture.


Dr. Charmen Douglas, a certified PPM dentist, determines the best possible jaw position through digitally tracking of your jaw. A TENS (transcutaneous electro neural stimulation) machine is used to help relax your muscles and put them in the more comfortable position. After this, the PPM is fitted, returning your jaw muscles to the position that the mouthguard is worn. When your jaw is in its optimal position, the muscles are no longer stressed and gives you the best bite along with the added benefits of improved balance and increase upper body strength.

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