Poor Posture can Cause Jaw Pain

Experiencing pain in your lower jaw is not normal and could be an indication of some dental issues. While you wait to have an appointment with your Voorhees, NJ dentist, consider your posture. It has been shown that poor posture can lead to pain in the lower jaw as well as frequent headaches.
How Does Posture Affect the Jaw?
When you sit with poor posture, you put your spine in a position that can cause additional stress to your jaw joints. Slouching or hunching over causes your lower jaw to shift forward. This can also lead to the lower and upper teeth not fitting together properly. In addition, the skull can move back on the spinal column as a result which can lead to headaches. 
This additional movement is known to put stress on the bones, muscles and joints. If you don’t have it treated, it will create inflammation and pain. This will be more noticeable when you open or close your mouth. 
There are other health issues caused by poor posture. They include:
Poor Digestion
Cardiovascular Issues
Back Pain
Varicose Veins
Aside from ensuring that your posture is correct, it is important to speak with your dentist. In the office, you can be evaluated for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, otherwise known as TMJ. Along with pain in the jaw, you might be experiencing symptoms such as:
Temple area pain
Back pain, shoulder pain or stiffness in the neck
Difficulty opening or moving the jaw
Ringing in the ears
Popping sound in the jaw
Sometimes an oral appliance will be used to help align the teeth in a position which reduces facial pain. This is a good treatment when combined with watching your posture. The appliance provides prevention from future damage to your teeth.
If you are experiencing any issues with your jaw or mouth, it is important that you speak with your Voorhees, NJ dentist right away. This pain could be caused by something more severe and you should never attempt to diagnose your own concerns. While you wait for the appointment, begin treatment by ensuring that you always have proper posture.
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