Helping Your Child with Invisalign in Vorhees, NJ

Does your child have Invisalign braces? If so, they are on their way to having a wonderful and beautiful smile. Because the Invisalign is removable, many parents have seen problems when it comes to their teenager taking care of it. 
What happens when your teenager takes it out at dinner and forgets to put it back in? They leave it out for a few days and then what happens? The Invisalign needs to actually be in your teenager’s mouth for 20 hours a day for it to work well. If they leave them out for long amounts of time, changes are, they will not see any results at all. This will make the treatment much longer and their teeth will not straighten as quickly as they would like. 
There are quite a few ways that you can help your teenager be on a tight schedule when it comes to taking care of straightening their teeth. 
Keep a Journal 
To keep your teenager aware of how many hours a day they are wearing their Invisalign, have them take notes in a journal. Have them write down any time they take it out and why. Have them write down how many minutes a day they have it out. Then, have them add up all of the times together at the end of the day. This will help them to have a better idea of how long it has been in all day. 
If you see a pattern when they do the math, it is time to start finding ways to get the 20 hours a day in. It is important that they maximize the time that they have it in. 
You do not have to check their journal every day. Try to trust them and just ask them for their honest answer about how many hours they are wearing their Invisalign. After they have worn their first aligner, it will be time for them to move onto the next one. There will be a blue dot that shows that it is ready. 
If the blue dot does not appear, this means that your teenager has not worn their aligner for 20 hours a day. If you do notice this, it is time to check their journal each day. 
Set Up a Reward System
If your teenager is doing a good job and keeping their aligner in, set up a type of reward system. This will motivate them to keep their aligner in for the 20 hours a day. Here are some ideas for rewards:
- Money ($10 - $20) 
- Gifts
- Allowing them to go out more during the week to a movie or party
- Take them out to dinner
With all of these ideas, your teenager will be happy to keep their Invisalign in for the 20 hours a day.  
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