Common Questions About X-Rays

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Dental x-rays are a common tool used by dentists to check on the health of your teeth. Even if you've had them done before, you might have questions about why and how they're used. Here are a few of the most common questions about dental x-rays.
Why Do I Need X-rays?
About one third of each tooth is below the gum line and thus can't be seen in a visual dental exam. This part of your teeth, as well as the jaw bones they're implanted in, need to be evaluated for any potential issues that might affect your overall dental health, such as cavities or wisdom teeth complications. Finding problems this way can save you a lot of time, money and discomfort that would come down the road if they're left unaddressed.
How Often?
This depends on both the patient and the dentist. Some people only need x-rays every year or year and a half. Others who have ongoing issues may need x-rays every six months or more frequently, depending on the recommendations of their dentist.
Are There Different Kinds of X-rays?
There are a couple commonly-used types of dental x-rays:
· A bitewing x-ray is where the patient bites down on a piece of plastic that positions a small sheet of x-ray paper. These look at molars and bicuspids and can help identify areas of decay.
· A periapical x-ray shows one tooth in detail from crown to root, and can be used to evaluate root structure, bone density, and detect abscesses or cysts.
· A panoramic x-ray shows the entire mouth and both the upper and lower jaw, which can give a broad view of potential issues.
Should I Worry About Radiation?
This is a very common concern. With today's x-ray machines, the exposure to radiation is very small, and the person performing the x-rays will give you a lead apron to protect the parts of your body that might be exposed. It is also important to remember that having these x-rays can save you from a lot of potential issues that, if left untreated, are more likely to cause you problems than the low amount of radiation you will receive.
X-rays are an important and safe part of modern dentistry, but it's always okay to ask questions. If you have any that aren't addressed here, feel free to ask your dentistin Vorhees, NJ! They want you to be as comfortable as possible so that both of you can make sure your teeth are healthy.
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